Alexandra Leifschutz is the fitness director at the Regency Health Spa since the year 2000. She also is an instructor of aquatics, pilates, yoga and strength training. Alexandra is infinitely optimistic and believes it is never too late to reap the abundant rewards of exercise. Her passion for movement is infectious and inspiring. The Regency offers entry level classes for guests starting on the fitness journey and advanced classes for fit guests.

At the Regency Health Spa, all the activities we encourage throughout the day burn calories and help maintain your weight. For those people who have not exercised in a while, no worries. Small activities such as going for our morning beach walk or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are a beginning. Every level of fitness is accommodated.

For those who are interested in a more structured way to get exercise, we may recommend a weight training and cardiovascular conditioning studio that includes free weights, machines and treadmills in our gym.

A Multitude Of Fitness Classes Offered



Daily Yoga

Strength Training & Toning 

Fitness Lectures

Interval Training

Personal Training

Morning Oceanfront Boardwalk

Aqua fit Classes Daily in our Heated Pool or in the Ocean

Lower Body Toning

Upper Body Sculpting

Upper Thigh Toning

Upper Body Strength

Cardio Plus Abs

Dance Classes

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