Resort Cuisine 

What separates the Regency Health Spa from all others over the years has been our incredibly delicious and healthy cuisine. The Regency Health Spa Kitchen is dedicated to providing the optimum in healthy dining choices. Our cuisine offers Organic products that provide you with the necessary vitamins, minerals, nutrients and proteins to assist you in achieving your weight-loss goals.

Listed below is our commitment to you:

* Nutritious plant-based high alkaline superfoods.

*Gluten-free and soy-free options available at all meal periods.

*Low sodium recipes using liquid aminos, miso, fresh herbs and beneficial spices.

* No refined white sugars or flours are used in our recipes

* Low glycemic sweeteners such as brown rice syrup in most recipes

*Only Organic grains and legumes used in Regency recipes

*Daily lunch salad bar featuring Organic greens, sprouts, local vine ripe tomatoes and our famously delicious salad dressings

*Minimal use of cooking oils in recipes. Organic grape seed oil, sesame, coconut and  extra virgin olive oil are available

*Calorie counts, fat, carbohydrates and sodium are listed on all menus

*Organic juicing and smoothie menu.

*Dining room overlooking the warm, blue Atlantic Ocean as our Chefs cook for you in our open air kitchen. Wild caught fish option on Monday and Thursday.

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Breakfast – Treat yourself to a sumptuous tropical fruit buffet or other offerings such as organic oatmeal, a green breakfast smoothie, scrambled tofu and herbal Teeccino coffee.

New Breakfast additions – Organic decaffeinated coffee and an organic omelette station on our fabulous Sunday Brunch.

Lunch - Our famous Regency Salad Bar offers the finest organic greens and vegetables available. Organic soups, salads, hummus, sushi, veggie Sloppy Joe’s and wrap sandwiches are just some of the lunch specials. Our guests rave about the delicious low fat salad dressings that our chef and the kitchen staff create every day. Our famous Tahini Dressing is the best! Who can forget about our vegan Cookie Day that is every Thursday at lunchtime?

The Hospitality Beverage Station will be available between meals. There you can enjoy our warm DeTox Potassium Broth, and herbal teas using our Reverse Osmosis Water. Organic carrots, celery and green apples will be available for snacking pleasure.

Dinner– is where the Magic takes Place! Our open air kitchen will provide you with a view of our Chef and his culinary staff creating delicious vegetarian specialties in front of your very eyes!

We will also offer our popular Wild Caught Fish Option on Monday and Thursday nights. The finishing touch will be assorted delicious vegan desserts to complete your meal.

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We are pleased to announce the Regency kitchen has been "Kosherized" by Rabbi David Calowinski.

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We offer an Organic Juicing Menu for those who want to Detox.

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