Sadly, our lease ended and we are temporarily closed. The new location will be announced on this website shortly.


Spa Services

Within each person there exists a place of perfect balance, a state of well-being that radiates from inside out. The Regency Spa & a place that helps you restore relaxation, harmony, wellness and beauty.

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Regency Natural Foods
Natural Cuisine

Whole, organic, healthy, nutrient-rich foods. You'll get all the essential nutrients that you need including vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, fiber and more for the least number of calories.

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Regency Fitness
Fun Fitness

Having fun is the key to fitness at the Regency. When something is fun, we want to do it again. We have a well-equiped gym, pool classes, aerobics and strength fitness sessions along with Yoga and Tai chi.

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Regency Property
Regency Property

The Regency is the only oceanfront program health resort in the USA. We are close to 2 major airports, with great shopping nearby. The Regency Health Resort and Spa is your home away from home.

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What Our Guests Say:

Sarah Lynda

More Guest Testimonials:

We can't convey how reassured and uplifted we feel to know that the Regency, our "magical place", is available when we need to renew ourselves, gain support and experience what is possible. It is a place where people with diverse backgrounds and needs can go alone and not feel alone and where we have developed many lasting relationships. –Maria V. Trinidad

Who wouldn't love to have someone cook for you and have everything you need right there at your fingertips — the exercise room, great food and of course, the spa! Getting a massage after all that hard work is a MUST. With all the classes and lectures that you can choose to attend, you leave the Regency armed with knowledge, not just memories. What's better than that? –Martha Grier

I have just completed two wonderful weeks at the Regency Health Spa. Before I came to the Regency, I was practicing law for a high pressure law firm. Between the job stress, poor diet, diabetes etc., I was in poor health…When I arrived my blood pressure was 162/91, this morning it was 120/79. My blood sugar hovered around 131, two weeks later it dropped to 108…Is it any wonder why I love this place? –Sam Schoninger

I have been coming to the Regency for more than 15 years. The beach location, delicious meals, inspiring lectures, exercise programs, spa treatments, all these, but most of all the long term staff and the guests contribute to a warm and friendly atmosphere. It makes for an ideal vacation destination.–Christa Harper